Why are we different?

We are here to serve the needs of Property Vendors, Investors, Tenants and Landlords, alike. Keeping up to date with new market trends and practices ensures that we can offer you the most suitable solution in the current market.

  • Tenants –
    Want to own?

    We can help you buy with little deposit.

    New build –
    We can plan & finance it.

    We have the team.

    Sellers –
    Any location or situation.

    We help with a quick buy!

    Landlords –
    Want rent guarantee?

    And long lease?

    Investors –
    We have new projects.

    Looking for better return on your funds?

    Land –
    Our favourite.

    We can help plan and build!



  • Free Management for Landlords

    Do you have a 3 bedroom or larger property in London or home counties?

    Would you like Free Management with a long lease and guaranteed rent?

    No hassles associated with normal tenancy as we only host professional tenants.

    Call us today!

  • Negative Equity

    If you cannot sell your property due to it being in negative equity – We WILL offer you the market value TODAY and the process will cost you NOTHING.  Please get in touch.

  • Rent to Buy

    If you are a tenant aiming to buy a property one day soon, but are unable to raise enough funds for a purchase deposit right now – we can help.

    We can find you a HOME NOW for a low deposit and similar amount to what you would be paying as rent on a monthly basis, which can eventually be your own property.

  • QUICK Purchase

    We specialise in the ‘Quick Buyer‘ category, as we can move fast if that is what the vendor of the property wishes for.

    We are not concerned with chains of buyers breaking down or waiting for mortgage offers to complete or waiting for surveyors. Our offer is made fast – after an expert valuation of your property backed by our years of experience in the property market.

  • Property DEVELOPMENT

    If you own a piece of land or property with potential to develop, but don’t have the funds or expertise to do so – then please get in touch.

    We can help with the planning and development and agree a profit share with you.

Property is our passion and we are happy to help anyone finding themselves in a difficult situation, even when many ‘experts’ fail to find a solution. We have a vast network of professionals in many related fields to call upon, for expert guidance.